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The Eurolift™ procedure is a revolutionary new facelift procedure that tightens the skin and muscles of the face and neck restoring a natural more youthful appearance. Developed by world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Rim Marcinkus of Desert Plastic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage, California, the exclusive Eurolift procedure eliminates the high costs and long recovery time associated with traditional facelifts.

The Results

The Eurolift procedure can erase up to 15 years or more from your appearance instantly. Many factors including skin type, sun exposure and heredity all play a role in how long the results last.

Common Questions

The Eurolift is performed under local anesthesia or with twilight sedation, and takes about one hour to complete. The smaller incision and shorter surgical time results in less swelling and bruising and a shorter recovery period. Most people who have the Eurolift on a Friday can easily return to work the following week. Read More...

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Who are the Best Candidates for this Procedure? Eurolift patients are between 40 and 65+ years of age with moderate to extensive sagging skin in the lower portions of their faces. Read more...